They told me I should keep this page here to welcome visitors and stuff, so that’s sort of why I’m tormenting you with sentences.

I implore you to look at the about section, because I may update that from time to time, especially regarding my age, since that changes annually.

Equally, moving on to actually read some stuff I post might be good.

I promise, it’s not all PG-cheese humour. There’s some tongue-in-cheek writing, with a lot of F-Bombs. Kapow.




The Lowdown:

Idealistic posts, about living in a dream world with nothing but love and glory. On the flip side, there’s a darkness here, with posts throwing shade in a passive-aggressive manner. I don’t write to appeal others.

The Proper ‘About Me’ Bit:

  • Thomas
  • 19
  • Editing and Post-Production Student
  • Vocabularist
  • Living Life on the Whim
  • e-dubble Fanatic
  • Quoter
  • Potential Plagiarist

Long live the Two Tone Rebel.


Don’t really know why you’d want to talk to me, but hey, hit me with it.